Eat and be Happy.  

“Food is art. your kitchen is my canvas. let’s create together. ”   Chef Jojo Merado

Chef Jojo — prepares and serves exquisite dinners to parties from two to 200 at your home, business, or private catering event. Her blend of French-Asian cuisine draws on a lifetime of skills and the knowledge that all meals, no matter how large or how small, are special events among family and friends.

“I do not specialize in a specific cuisine, I specialize in the art of cooking. I enjoy the entire process from start to finish and apply it to any cuisine I feel like cooking at the time. Being a chef comes with a responsibility that not all people respect and take as seriously as I do. My client’s health is always at the forefront of my mind. With that said, Lately creating vegan dishes from traditional recipes with proteins has been so much fun! I hate how processed the store vegan food tends to be, so if I have a chance to offer fresh delicious vegan food I take the opportunity! Sustainable eating is also a really big deal to me, at the forefront of my mind when I am creating a menu. I don’t want to be part of the problem, I want to be part of the solution.

Using Florida’s fresh ingredients is something I stand by. Everything I use, oils, vinegar, proteins, freshly caught fish, is Florida local.

You can taste the difference when food has been just picked. When traveling for a client, I source the farms before I go, to continue my support of the local small farms. (Please see the list of farms I currently use for your own resources!)

I enjoy cooking because it brings me peace. I cook with my heart. I enjoy being part of your memories and sharing time with your family. I look forward to cooking for you, or with you, whichever you prefer!”

-Chef Joanna Mercado

Our Work in Numbers

Chef Jojo, along with her team, offers luxury dining services to suit every occasion. We have the experience to provide an unforgettable food experience in the comfort of your personal surroundings. No event is too big or too small, each given the same attention to detail to ensure exceptional service.

What Customers Are Saying
About Chef Jojo

We pride ourselves on what our happy
clients say.

“Many thanks for the beautiful food and wonderful service. Your food really made the event special. I appreciate your time and effort!”

Karen L.

“Thank you for the special evening, my wife and I will always remember this anniversary dinner!”

James B.

Lucinda D.

“Thank you for making my parents’ anniversary so special. The food was amazing, as was the service. A perfect evening! Chef Jojo did not let us down.”

Lucinda D.

Thomas S.

“When we were in Alys Beach we were all blown away by your service and will be recommending you to our friends, our kids can’t wait to visit just for another Chef Jojo Brunch!.”

Thomas S.

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Rosemary Beach, FL


(850) 988-5405